The Charging Standards and Means of Campus Network

In order to construct a healthy and failure free campus network for the Communication University of China, and to provide good service for our network users, we makes the rules of campus network for the communication university of china specially, according to some relevant documents and related policies. Details are as follow:

intention of fee charging:
Our purpose of fee charging is to construct our campus network and rationalize our utilization of it.

process account number:
1. At present, application for an account number in our campus is free for our school teachers and students.

2. We suggested that you would be quicker to apply for accounts and renew by the class as a group.

3. You have to take your student identity card and the ID card / passport and go to the office of information network center for application. (Yet if you do not have the student identity card or your student identity card is lost, your ID card and the proof wrote by the school administrative department can be used instead.)

4. The teachers and administration staff can use the work card, if you do not have the work card; you have to take the proof of personnel department and your ID card to the network information center office for application.

5. The r'Charging time is open from 8:30am-11:00am(Tuesday-Friday).

6. The office’s address: Tower44# 1thFloor .

7. The account will be activated immediately when you go through all formalities. (In case power failure, equipment or line fault and other force majeure the application will be delayed)

8. If you want to repeal the account, please take your valid identification to the network information center office to do it. The remaining accounts fee returns you. After repeal, if you want an accounts again you have to pay 10 Yuan/accounts as the management fee.

9. You can check the expense at any moment by inquiring the website

charging standards:
1.Visiting the websites of the domain is free (Including visiting the homepage, ftp server, mailbox server of our campus network)

2.We charge students who visits websites by your network traffic come in.
10yuan/per month ____The maximum of traffic 10GB/per month

3.The terms of "month" in the rules are natural months.
For example, the record of money will be cleared in full by the last day of month (include the last of month).It amounts to no difference whether you begin from the first day of month or from the others.

4. If students use up the traffic of monthly payment before the end of month, you can choose again . But at all events, the record of money will be cleared in full by the last day of month (include the last of month)
Remark: You can do the choice on your own at any moment by inquiring the website

5.For the sake of safe, the operation of Monthly Payment is no longer automatically done by the system, it needs user themselves to operate on the website

6.As for the charge of the foreign students’ dormitory,please refer to students’ charge standards.

account number safety:
1. You must immediately changes initial password and username for security. If your password was forgotten or your account was embezzled, you have to take your valid identification (ID card, student identity card or work card) to the network information center to change your password.
2. We will punish the person who embezzles other people account as by call the police and disqualify you from landing campus network at one time.

supplementary articles:
1. The terms of "month" in the rules are natural months.
2. The rules will be emended timely on the basis of campus network practical situation and relate regulates issued by the superior branch.
3. The rules is interpreted by the network information center and enforced immediately while issued.

Since there is maybe something improperly in the translation, if you have doubt of the English version, please refer to the Chinese version.

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